Are you looking for a way to make your brand stand out?

We welcome all business owners to team up with Cougar Collective to benefit from the promotional opportunities of having WSU student-athletes on your side. This includes collaborating promotional strategies tailored to your needs via social media and possible in-person appearances.


Why your brand should use NIL

Large, Engaged Fan Base

College sports enjoy a passionate, loyal fan base.

Diverse Demographics

College sports fans span a wide range of demographics, including age, gender, and income levels. This diversity allows brands to target specific segments or reach a broad audience.

Brand Loyalty Transfer

Fans of college athletes exhibit strong loyalty to their teams, and this loyalty can transfer to brands that support their favorite athletes. A well-positioned brand can become part of the fan experience, potentially enhancing customer loyalty.

Multi-Platform Exposure

College athletics are broadcast across a variety of platforms, including TV, radio, and online streaming services. Sponsoring college athletes can offer brands exposure across these platforms, maximizing reach and engagement.

High Visibility Events

College athletes appear in high-visibility events like bowl games, March Madness, and national championships that draw large audiences and media coverage, providing a significant platform for brand exposure.

Digital and Social Media Engagement

Athletes have significant followings on social media platforms, offering brands opportunities for digital campaigns and endorsements that can reach younger, digitally-savvy audiences.